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Robin Ost

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Medicare Options

Medicare Options doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. There are several options depending upon your situation.

  • Medicare Supplements

  • Prescription Drug Plan

  • Medicare Advantage for Veterans 

  • Medicare-Medicaid (Dual Eligible) 

You can also add other options via employer:

  • Employer Group - Medicare Supplement

  • Employer Group - Medicare Advantage 

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Dental Insurance

We work with various insurance carriers that provide higher end benefits that fits your needs and budget. Take a look at the carriers below to learn more about what we can offer to you and your family. If you need immediate coverage right away, click the button labeled " Get Immediate Coverage".

  • Dentures 

  • Crowns

  • Root Canals

  • Implants

  • Fillings

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and the future of your loved ones.

  • Term Life Insurance provides life insurance protection for a specified period of time i.e. 10 years, 15 years, etc.

  • Whole Life Insurance is permanent life insurance that remains in force for your entire lifetime that earns cash value.

  • Universal Life Insurance is both term and permanent life insurance combined with flexible premiums, face amounts and unbundled pricing structure. The savings element, premiums and death benefit can be reviewed and altered as a policyholder’s circumstances change.

Vision Insurance

Vision covers the high cost associated with the following below:

  • Eye Exam

  • Eye Glasses

  • Contact Lenses

Health Insurance
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Standard comprehensive health coverage includes the following:

  • Hospitalization

  • Doctor Visits

  • Prescriptions

  • Outpatient Surgery

  • Radiology i.e. X-Rays, MRI, CT Scan, etc.

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